Under 18 Group Package
(September – June only)

Full Day Itinerary:


Upon arrival you will be met by a keeper at the zoo, who will explain about your day at the Zoo. You will then begin your visit of the Zoo. Feel free to ask the keepers questions. If you are watching any of the feeding show, please keep noise down to a minimum as are other visitors who are also interested in hearing about the animals as they are being fed. – Thank you!



You will be each be given complimentary animal food to feed the animals in the Children’s Zoo. Please hold your hands out flat and put your hand through the fence to feed the barnyard animals; otherwise the animals try to put their heads through the fence to get the food and they sometimes get stuck This if for your safety and the safety of the animals. This is followed by a visit to the Tigers on the ‘Nature Trail’. If your schedule permits, you may re-visit the animals at your leisure, until it is time for you to leave.


  • 6-18 years – $9.00 (incl tax)
  • 2-5 years – $7.00 (incl tax)
  • Extra Adult Supervisors – $10.00 (incl tax)
  • Under 2 No Charge


  • 24 hours notice is required for cancellations by contacting us at 613-673-7275
  • Prices valid from September 1st
  • Supervisor per 5 paying visitors – No Charge
  • Extra Adult Supervisors $10.00 (incl tax)
  • Minimum 20 visitors per group – not including Supervisors
  • School Groups may be booked from May – October from 10.00 am onward
  • Prices apply to pre-booked groups only. Minimum 1 weeks notice
  • Groups of 20 or more, arriving without booking, may qualify for the special group rates but unfortunately not the guided


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