Junior Zoo Keeper’s Camp

Zoo Camp:

July 10th – 14th, 2023
July 24th – 28th, 2023

Junior Zoo Keeper Camp is an educational adventure designed for young people aged 8 years and up who have an interest in the world’s wildlife. This is a unique opportunity for a ‘behind the scenes’ look at the daily life of a Zoo Keeper and learning about feeding, conservation, behavior, environmental adaptation and lots of other interesting subjects.

Families are invited to the Graduation ceremony on Friday afternoon followed by your first assignment as a Junior Zoo Keeper – giving your family a tour of the zoo and introducing them to the animals at the Zoo!

Included in the Camp:

  • Junior Zoo Keeper T- Shirt.
  • Lifetime membership to the Zoo.
  • Supervised daily transportation leaves Place d’ Orleans shopping Mall at 8.30 am and returns at 4.00 pm
  • Pizza ‘Graduation’ lunch every Friday.
  • All supplies needed for the week
  • Morning and afternoon snacks and refreshments.
  • Certificate of participation.
  • but most of all…….

The promise of lots of fun and ‘an educational adventure of a lifetime’!

Following the Keepers

Shadowing the keepers as they carry out their daily routines at the zoo


Unique Photo Opportunities

Fun & Games

Wildlife activities and games


20 Campers per camp

Lemur Junction

Visits with the special animals at 'Lemur Junction'

Meeting the Animals

Spend time 'up close and personal' with some of the young animals that have been born at the Zoo


Learn about animal eating habits and helping the Keepers to prepare and feed some of the animals


First hand knowledge about the animals and reptiles that live at Papanack Park Zoo

Learning About Conservation

Looking at the effects of conservation and how it works in the animal kingdom


Creating memories that will last a lifetime